For my black son and for my white son


Our powerful, almighty God is ushering the Body of Christ into a new season characterized by love, honor, gentleness, and power. He is transforming His people into beautiful leaders who observe carefully, speak wisely, and act bravely in defense of the defenseless. The young will long for freedom for those in physical captivity, spiritual bondage, and under societal persecution. The old will see the dreams of their youth resurrected, their hearts broken for the suffering, and their courage increased tenfold.

Those who love the Heavenly Father, follow after Jesus, and continually invite the empowering of the Holy Spirit into their lives will be a part of a great banquet feast. And as we feast on the goodness of God we will usher others to the banqueting table. Those who had been excluded because of class or color or culture will be embraced with open arms and given seats of honor and abounding love.

Those who have enslaving ideas, thinking about others in ways God never would, their minds will be renewed. Their hearts will be restored. Their spirit will be transformed by life-giving truth. That divine truth will literally set free those who have been slaves for centuries. They shall know the freedom of the Father and shower others with such freedom.

We will have eyes to see injustice. No longer will anyone yoked with Christ be able to turn a blind eye to the suffering of our spiritual brothers and sisters. Not only will we see with open eyes, but also our words, full of grace, will lead others out of their spiritual blindness. We will carry the power to transform the oppressors into liberators. Even the hardest of hearts will be softened. Even those bound up in religion and pride will be set free and propelled into a life of love and humility. Our actions, full of courage, will protect the oppressed. We will co-labor with Christ in a movement to defend the defenseless.

This will also be a season of beautiful reconciliation. Those who have carried hurts for years and years will trade their mourning for joy, their pain for healing, and their anger for a righteous thirst for justice and compassion. The powers of hell and darkness will tremble when we seek to forgive those who have done great injustices against us. God is releasing in us the power to forgive those who have caused the most terrible of hurts, and we will then lead a movement that will break the chains of unforgiveness in our generation. By radically loving those who persecute us, we will bring a Kingdom revival and culture of peace and honor to our children and our children’s children.

We will be a people who worship the Lord in unity. As one body, every tribe and every tongue, every clan and every culture shall love and honor one another. We will respect our differences, love our uniqueness, and treasure the power of collaborating together to bring others into the light, the truth of the Gospel. We will be a loving family. We will be a mighty army.  This calling will not be fulfilled by the indifferent or the lazy or the weak. This is the path for the passionate disciple, the courageous warrior, and the surrendered servant. Only the transformational work of Holy Spirit can ready us. And we cannot be prepared without giving up our emotional baggage, our past hurts, the lessons not learned from Christ; all these things must be laid down. And He who is faithful and powerful and loving will take this baggage and replace it with riches and gifts. Instead of insecurity we will know perfect love. Instead of pride and religion we will possess a gentle humility and total freedom. Instead of hate we will carry compassion. When we surrender to the will of God, we will be changed, and our families, our churches, our communities, even our world will experience beloved unity.

May we all surrender to the transformational power of our living God, creator of all mankind. May we invite Him every day to cleanse the thoughts of our hearts by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, so we might perfectly love Him and worship Him by loving all His beautiful children.

This is an excerpt from Adventure Available: Discovering life with an extravagantly loving God.

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